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Basic Carburetion and Fuel Systems

petersens basic carburetion and fuel systems bookpetersens basic carburetion and fuel systems book

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The how’s and why’s of carburetors are explained in this book. While pure theory does merit some discussion, it is not the mainstay of this heavily illustrated edition.
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Publisher: Peterson
Coverage: Rochester, Holly, Carter, Motorcraft
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This edition provides analyses of specific makes and models of carburetors- those used by the majority of our domestic manufacturers are presented in detailed fashion. Popular models thoroughly examined, and the necessary sequence of steps in adjusting and or rebuilding each is explained in what is hoped is layman’s terms. Those makes include:



Motorcraft – Ford


Additional subjects covered;

Exhaust systems

Fuel System Fundamentals

How a carburetor works

4 barrels and multiple carbs

Air Cleaners

Fuel filters

Fuel pumps


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These books are easy to understand, and applicable to a single subject. The book information is more in depth than typical service manuals. The books include the original mechanic's notes and we strongly suggest that you read those notes with great care!


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