Shop Foreman Professional OBD Diagnostics Software for GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles

Shop Foreman OBD Engine Repair SoftwareShop Foreman OBD Engine Repair Software

Product # 06-100-002

Shop Foreman Professional OBD Engine Repair Software at your fingertips is like having the best Master Mechanics guiding you through proper diagnosis of the components in GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. You can now test and repair them correctly the first time without expensive swapping of parts.

Author: Computech

Installation Instructions Author: JGPT

MY Coverage: 1980 - 1995*

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Shop Foreman Professional is a diagnostic software program that makes diagnosing and working on problems of computerized engines easier. It contains true diagnostic procedures. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it targqets the specific make, model, year, engine, and fuel system, then it walks you step-by-step through the toughest diagnoses and repair procedures, all the way to component level.

Includes: Shop Foreman Professional Users Manual, and Our Advanced User Manualfor SFP

 bullet Shop Foreman Professional focuses on high-tech computer and code-related problems of today's engines. It does for you in seconds what what books do in several minutes and sometimes can't do. Gone is the confusing cross-referencing required in books and books-on-disk.

 bullet Most diagnosis do not require an expensive engine analyzer, and can be handled with a Digital Multi Meter (DMM), and / or a Scan Tool, and the Shop Foreman program.

 bullet Besides powerful diagnostics, it includes a component locator, diagnosis with or without a Scan Tool, simplified wiring schematics, Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), and special tips from certified master technicians that you can't find in manuals.

 bullet The California State Board of Education calls Shop Foreman methodology the "Service Manual of the Future" -- It even teaches you while you use it.

 bullet It is like having a group of professionals watching over your shoulder guiding you through proper testing. This software covers the OBD I vehicles, however the components used then and today are still wired the same way and test the same way.

 bullet If you have a DTC 21 for a GM TPS from OBD I that would be the same as a DTC P0122 / DTC P0123 in OBD II. It would also test the same way. You would simply pull out your Digital Multi Meter (DMM) and test the wiring and the switch as guided by the software.

 bullet This very simple thing of properly testing can save you a small fortune from not replacing good parts when there is something else causing the problem.

This software originally sold for $695.00 for an individual license.


Unfortunately software has a "no refund" policy.

* The computer sensors and switches functions and testing methods were carried over into OBD II and OBD III vehicles.

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