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OBD Oxygen Feedback Systems

Chrysler Oxygen Feedback Systems OBD training bookChrysler Oxygen Feedback Systems OBD training book

Product ID 09-200-005

This student reference book 46 pages is a good early introductory text  dedicated to the concepts and fundamentals of  the oxygen sensor feedback system.
Chrysler PST # 81-699-4018-R

Manufacturer: Chrysler
Coverage: Oxygen Sensor Feedback systems
Pages: 46
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $19.95
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bulletOxygen Feedback System Components; A good description of how the components are constructed and used to control emissions. Includes a discussion of the limits of adaptability as programmed into Chrysler vehicles. Includes a discussion of “duty cycle” as it applies to mixture control solenoid.

bulletOxygen Feedback System Operation; Introductory explanation of operational  modes, how they are viewed and used by the Spark Control computer (PCM)

bulletOxygen Feedback Carburetors; Good explanations of how fuel control is accomplished through the use of mix control solenoids.

bulletRelated Emission Controls,; Excellent treatise on the additional emission control components with a good discussion of oxidizing and reducing catalyst

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