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Electronic Vibration Analyzer

Use this tool to find those annoying vibrations in vehicles, stationary motors, etc

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Electronic Vibration Analyzer #OT-38792

Midtronics Micro 500XL

Battery and electrical system tester. The new standard in complete electrical system diagnosis

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Midtronics MCR-500XL kit battery & electrical system tester

4L30E Automatic Transaxle test harness for GM vehicles.

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GM 4L30E transaxle test harness

AC Line Repair Tool

This tool can be used to repair the aluminum AC lines on any vehicle that has the standard lines sizes.

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Miller 8456 Ac Line Repair Kit

Kent Moore GM 3.8L Crank Sensor and Harmonic Balancer fin Alignment tool

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Crank Sensor Alignment tool

Ashcroft Exhaust Back Pressure test tool kit. Quickly confirms need for converter replacememnt without removal

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ashcroft exhaust back pressure test tool
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OEM Tools

One of a kind specialty tool, diagnostic tool, and dealer required tools from several large OEM distributors that we work with.

Offered tools are overstock, old inventory, salesmans’ sample, display, demo, loaner, refurbished, etc tools at great prices.

Unfortunately by the very nature of the offering these tools are not available in quantity, so if you see something you need to add to your tools...Do Not Wait!

All quoted shipping is Standard Class to North America (48 states) only. Contact us for all other shipping quotes before purchase.

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