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12 Volt Circuit Test Light

12 volt circuit test light12 volt circuit test light


Product ID # 02-300-005

This high quality 12 volt circuit test light is engineered specifically for the automotive industry. It can be used to test for power and grounds within automotive service needs.

Manufacturer: Centech
Contents: 6 & 12Vdc Power Probe / Circuit Tester

PRICE: $19.95
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Quickly check any 6 or 12 volt direct current circuit for power or ground. Quickly test fuses without removing them from the fuse block. Use as a DTC retrieveal tool for many OBD I vehicles.

An indicator light in the handle tells you if electricity is available or not. Simply reverse the connections to test ground circuits in many "Christmas Tree" tests of solenoids as specified in manufacturers testing procedures.


 bullet Heavy duty high impact handle

 bullet 5 foot lead wire

 bullet Heavy duty alligator style ground clip

 bullet Needle point probe

 bullet Indicator light with replaceable bulb

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