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Digital Multimeter Automotive

centech automotive digital multimetercentech automotive digital multimeter


Product ID # 02-300-004

High quality automotive service engineered digital multimeter with the required functions of voltage, amperage, resistance, temperature, and frequencies.

Manufacturer: Centech
Contents: Digital MultiMeter & instruction manual

PRICE: $59.95
Miller Air Bag (SRS) Service Tools
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Dealer Specialty Tools
dealer level specialty tools to properly repair without damaging components

This is a great introductory DMM for the beginning technician / mechanic or it can be an upgrade DMM for the seasoned mechanic requiring new functions.

Centech Automotive Digital Multimeter (DMM) is specifically engineered for the automotive service industry. It includes the normal items you expect like good leads, a battery, and a holster to protect the meter. This is a very high quality meter at a ridiculously low price.

It has the required 10M Ohm Impedence that yields stable readings. It can measure all the normal readings you would expect, but it exceeds most well known meters with the following feature.

It has the capability to measure up to a 20 amp flow, where most DMMs stop at 10 amps.

It has an auto function so that you don't have to set the range.

Click here to access and or download the owners manual.

Additional items:

 bullet Data hold function

 bullet Audible Continuity tester for when you can't see the meter

 bullet Engineering unit annunciators on all ranges

 bullet Built in Diode overload protection test.

 bullet Frequency Capability in Vdc only

 bullet Temperature probe included

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