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ASIA Introduction to Automotive Solid-State Electronics

Introduction to Automotive Solid-State Electronics introduction and trainingIntroduction to Automotive Solid-State Electronics introduction and training

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This is an excellent primer for anyone that needs an introduction to automotive electronics. It covers basic electricity, solid-state electronics, charging systems, ignition system, emission control, computers and OBD diagnostics.
ASIA PST 78asia

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Coverage: auto electronics solid state
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Chapter 1 covers basic electric circuits, OHMs law, voltage, amperage, resistance, and magnetic fields

Chapter 2 introduces solid-state electronics, specifically diodes and transistor types. It includes how to test diodes and transistors with an Ohm meter now Digital Multi Meter (DMM).

Chapter 3 explains battery construction, charging and discharging process, alternators, voltage regulators (mechanical and solid-state)

Chapter 4 introduces primary and secondary ignition circuitry; this is followed by the electronic ignition systems along with functions and testing of the early systems

Chapter 5 covers the combustion process and the byproducts that require Emission control systems like PCV, EVAP, AIR, EGR, ThermAC, Catalytic Converters and more

Chapter 6 introduces logic and decision making, microprocessors, and computers

Chapter 7 On-Board Diagnostics Systems (OBD); its diagnostic capabilities, self testing

Chapter 8 introduces other electronic system developments like Keyless Entry, Knock Sensors, Wiper systems, Anti lock braking, and Trip computers

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