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     WIS / ASRA Workshop Information System

Mercedes Benz WIS ASRA Workshop Information SystemMercedes Benz WIS ASRA Workshop Information System

Product ID #08-200-001

Daimler / Mercedes Benz's Workshop Information System (WIS) is a modern information service and repair system. It replaces the cumbersome workshop documentation previously available on paper and microfilm, but also offers a multitude of possibilities for attaining information necessary to properly service and repair Daimler / Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) allows the lookup of parts for each model, including the part number and detailed images.

WIS / ASRA - EPC Author: Daimler / Mercedes Benz

Installation Instructions Author: JGPT

MY Coverage: 2010 and earlier model years

Contents: 4 DVDs plus a bonus DVD.

PRICE: $34.95
OBD II Scan Tool
tools to connect to vehicle onboard diagnostic computers

OBD2 ScanTool Software
software used to properly diagnose obd2 vehicles

Identical factory service manuals and parts catalog as used by Mercedes Benz authorized dealers!

Includes a Step by Step Installation Tutorial, written by JGPT, that is very easy to follow with clear and precise instructions for a smooth installation.

Does not contain any Spyware, Adware, Trojans, or Viruses that can cause harm to your computer.

Multi language:

Installation in your preferred language is easy with the following supported laguages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Vehicles Covered:

bullet  Mercedes
 bullet  Smart
 bullet  Lorries
 bullet  Allroad
 bullet  Microbus
 bullet  Unimog
 bullet  Cab and Buses
 bullet  Car
 bullet  Van
 bullet  SUV
 bullet  Motorhome
 bullet  Commercial Vehicle, etc.

Vehicle types:

bullet  Gasoline (petrol) and Diesel
 bullet  Manual and Automatic
 bullet  Left and Right Hand Drives
It is all here.

Markets Covered:

bullet  UK
 bullet  USA
 bullet  European
 bullet  worldwide vehicles covered


Selection Process:

The system allows the model selection by year, model, submodel, engine type or the VIN number search.

Service Areas Covered:

bullet  Doors
 bullet  Windows
 bullet  Panels
 bullet  Bodywork
 bullet  Engine
 bullet  Clutch
 bullet  Transmission
 bullet  Brakes
 bullet  Suspension
 bullet  Fixtures
 bullet  Fittings
 bullet  Steering
 bullet  Exterior
 bullet  Interior
 bullet  Electrical Systems
 bullet  Every area is covered


bullet  Service
 bullet  Repair
 bullet  Diagnostics
 bullet  High detail printable diagrams
 bullet  Parts Identification
 bullet  Zoom capability
 bullet  Photos
 bullet  Technical Diagrams
 bullet  OBD 1 and OBD 2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes
 bullet  Detailed Repair and Service Instructions
 bullet  Diagnose and Repair
 bullet  Part locator, etc on almost every Mercedes Benz vehicle ever manufactured.


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Our European Union (EU) based partner company has complete legal access to the original manufacturers repair and service information as required by law. They have compiled this information, built installation instructions as needed, and verified them, thus making it easier to install on your PC. Verified install on 32 bit systems.

To read the EU legal document authorizing this go here.

All quoted shipping is Standard Class to North America only. Contact us for all other shipping quotes before purchase.

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