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Mercedes 38 Pin OBD Cable Adapter

Mercedes benz 38 pin to obd2 adapter cableMercedes benz 38 pin to obd2 adapter cable

Product ID # 02-100-013

OBD2 Diagnostic cable.Works on all Mercedes Benz vehicles with a 38 PIN diagnostic .connector. Thus adding new capabilities at an affordable price.

Manufacturer: Straight Talk Automotive
Contents: Mercedes Benz 38 pin to OBD2 cable

PRICE: $13.95
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Mercedes-Benz 38 PIN male to OBD II Female Cable


Access to each of the 38 DLC pins while scan tool communicates with vehicle and finds communication problems fast.


SomeMercedes Benz models especially for C-Class (W202), CLK (W208), E-Class(W210), S-Class (W140), SL-Class (W129) and W124 series use a lot ofdifferent K-lines for it's different systems like engine ECU, ABS, SRS,etc. To access to these systems, you need to refer to the car manuals and find out which pin controls which system. After doing so, you canconnect your equipment to the appropriate banana socket which controls that system.

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