OTC GTI 3441 OBD I Scan Tool and OTC Gas
               Analyzer Graphing Software

OTC GTI Graphing Software for the OTC Scan ToolOTC GTI Graphing Software for the OTC Scan Tool

Product # 06-300-004

Graphing software enables communication and graphing of data supplied from the OTC hand held diagnostic scanners known as 2000, 4000, 4000 Enhanced, and Enhanced. Also provides graphing for the OTC Gas Analyzers.

Author: OTC SPX

Tool Coverage: OTC Monitor Series*

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PRICE: $29.95
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This software was sold by OTC for installation onto a PC or laptop to enable the graphing of the data supplied by the hand held scan tools known as 2000, 4000, 4000E, 4000 Enhanced, and Enhanced. This lack of graphing capability was one thing seriously needed on those tools.

This communications requires the use of the optional OTC cable part # 21535 to connect the tool to the PC or laptop COM port.


Acceptance Agreement

To purchase this software you are signifying that you already own a legal copy and understand that this software is for replacement purposes only! If you do not agree with this do not purchase it.

Unfortunately software has a "no refund" policy.

*may work with scan tools built by OTC for other manufacturers like Mac, Ford, etc

Kit version includes Manual. Order here!OTC GTI Graphing Software kit for the OTC Scan ToolOTC GTI Graphing Software kit for the OTC Scan Tool

Product # 06-300-005

PRICE: $44.95


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