OBD I Scan Tool Software for GM Vehicles

GM OBD I Scan Tool SoftwareGM OBD I Scan Tool Software

Product # 06-100-001

This is a complied CD of the best GM OBD I open source software that gives you the mechanic an edge in repairing the vehicle properly.

It includes a set of pdf files for diagnosing GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan and Toyota OBD I vehicles (from our site).

Also included is a driver for our 2X80S scan tool, so that it with the GM OBD I adapter cable can access the data stream on GM OBD i Vehicles.

Author: Various

MY Coverage: GM OBD I model years

Contents: 1 CD

PRICE: $4.95
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The software programs on this CD gives you access to the data from the GM OBD I vehicles. Each has a good interface, is quick to access the data and easy to use.

This CD saves you time and frustration, because we have already located the programs, tested the connectivity, and verified them for function.

We reduced a very large list to an acceptable small group so you can try them and choose the program that fits with your style of diagnostics and presents the data in a fashion that makes it easy for you to diagnose and repair the vehicle.

They all work extremely well with our 2X80S Scan tools and our GM ALCL adapter cable.

This software was written for OBD I vehicles and a serial (COM / USB) connection. It will not connect using a WiFi scan tool.


Programs on CD:

bullet ECM 852
 bullet FreeScan by Whitaker
 bullet GMTD Scan
 bullet Win ALDL
 bullet Tuner Pro
 bullet ...and more


Unfortunately software has a "no refund" policy.

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This software CD has many programs on it for GM OBD I vehicles. Of all the Open Source software available, these programs are what we as professionals prefer to use.

All of them work with our 2X80S Scan Tools and our GM ALCL adapter cable to access the data on GM OBD I vehicles. No connection to OBD 1.5 vehicles is implied.

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