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Ignition Module and sensor tester. Simple to use. Eliminates guessing. Replace only the parts that are bad.

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Actron III CP9087 Ignition Module & Sensor Tester

This Break Out Box tool connects into the OBD II port and allows the tech to check voltages, grounds and wave forms easily

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J 1962 Break Out Box

OTC Enhanced Monitor Scan Tool OBD I & OBD II allows the mechanic technican to access the enhanced level data outputs for bi-directional testing.

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otc enhanced monitor scan tool

OTC Universal Break Out Box that allows the mechanic / technician to test every circuit, sensor and switch ob the computer system from a single location.

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ashcroft exhaust back pressure test tool

K34-5 General Motors Custom Cruise III testing tool. Tests the electronic cruise control installed as original equipment on GM vehicles.

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ashcroft exhaust back pressure test tool

Dana Electronic cruise control tester allows the testing of electronic cruise controls installed as original equipment and afer sales on many auto makers vehicles.

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ashcroft exhaust back pressure test tool
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OEM Tools

One of a kind specialty tool, diagnostic tool, and dealer required tools from several large OEM distributors that we work with.

Offered tools are overstock, old inventory, salesmans’ sample, display, demo, loaner, refurbished, etc tools at great prices.

Unfortunately by the very nature of the offering these tools are not available in quantity, so if you see something you need to add to your tools...Do Not Wait!

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