BMW TIS (Technical Information System) with ETK, Wiring Diagrams (WDC) and Electronic TroubleShooter

BMW TIS (technical information system) and ETK (electronic parts catalog) BMW TIS (technical information system) and ETK (electronic parts catalog)

Product # 08-200-002

Bavarian Motor Werks (BMNW)'s Technical Information System (TIS) is a modern information service and repair system. The latest English languge version of TIS (Technical Information System ) the factory service manual (electronic version) used by authorized BMW dealers. Includes BMW electronic parts catalog (ETK).

The Electronic Parts Catalog (ETK) allows the lookup of parts for each model, including the part number and detailed images.

Now includes Wiring Diagrams (WDC) and Electronic Troubleshooter.

TIS, ETK, WDC & TroubleShooter Author: BMW

Installation Instructions Author: JGPT

MY Coverage: 2006-08 and earlier model years

Contents: DVDs plus 3 CDs.

PRICE: $35.95
OBD II Scan Tool
tools to connect to vehicle onboard diagnostic computers

OBD2 ScanTool Software
software used to properly diagnose obd2 vehicles

BMW's Technical Information System is the factory service and repair information authorized BMW dealers use every day to service and repair BMW automobiles worldwide. Changes made to something in the vehicle gets documented in the TIS. The ETK frequently refers to a TIS (or SI) document when parts are needed.

Includes a system administration utility to install both applications (ETK and TIS) on a Windows PC. The TIS can be installed as a stand alone product as the ETK is not required to install the TIS.

WDC and TroubleShooter can be run from their CD/DVD's without installing on your computer.

Includes a Step by Step Installation Tutorial, written by JGPT, that is very easy to follow with clear and precise instructions for a smooth installation. Installs on 32 and 64 bit systems.

Does not contain any Spyware, Adware, Trojans, or Viruses that can cause harm to your computer.


 bulletStep by step instructions on repairing, servicing and maintaining BMW vehicles

 bulletIncludes updates and service information (SI) on all BMW models.

 bulletRecalls and technical service bulletins (TSB) are included.

 bulletChanges and fixes with problem vehicles are documented in this system.

 bulletCovers all hotline information bulletins from 1996

 bulletOlder model service information (SI) from 1986

 bulletNewer SI bulletins from mid-95.

 bulletIncludes a troubleshooting table of repair instructions for vehicles from E36 and newer.

Now includes Wiring Diagrams (DVD) through 2007, Electronic Troubleshooter (2 CDs) and an older KSD (labor guide) CD.


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Our European Union (EU) based partner company has complete legal access to the original manufacturers repair and service information as required by law. They have compiled this information, built installation instructions as needed, and verified them, thus making it easier to install on your PC. Verified install on 32 bit systems.

To read the EU legal document authorizing this go here.

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