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OBD Diagnostic Port Fuel Injection

gm Port Fuel Injection training bookgm Port Fuel Injection training book

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This Product Service Training 164 page book should be considered as GMs OBD I Generation III. Fuel control has always been the weak link in performance, fuel economy and emission control.

This book deals with all three types of fuel injection, port fuel injection (PFI), sequential fuel injection (SFI), and tuned port injection (TPI). Each of these has benefits for the motorist, and are tested similarly but there are some very distinct differences that the mechanic must understand. These fuel injection types are still used today on current model vehicles by every manufacturer.
GM PST 16009.06-1A

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: OBD Port Fuel Injection Diagnostics
Pages: 164
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $39.95
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bulletPart 1 Introduction; this discusses the applications by body code and engine code. It cross references the individual system components on each engine code

bulletPart 2 Fuel Control systems; this section discusses the components of the fuel system from pump to injectors, and all the components or sensors that provide ECM (PCM OBD II) inputs for proper fuel control. It shows the spray pattern from the injectors. It includes flow charts for the trouble codes (DTC) and fuel injection diagnostic flow charts.

bulletPart 3 PFI Air Induction system; this section describes in detail the air induction components like the throttle body and its subcomponents, the MAF sensor, and air filters. It explains the differences between calculating air flow based on speed density and true air flow systems.

bulletPart 4 Ignition System; in this section it includes a discussion on the advancements from HEI type ignition to EST ignition and the ESC detonation reduction for protection of the engine. It explains the changes from a distributor ignition system to a crank and cam sensor system. It includes flow charts for the proper testing of the EST and ESC systems. 

bulletPart 5 Emissions Systems; in this section there is a complete discussion of the charcoal canister (EVAP), Canister Purge Valve, PCV, EGR, Ported EGR, EVRV, EGR filter, EGR temp sensor, Deceleration Valves, Wastegate Solenoids, and AIR systems

bulletPart 6 Supplemental Information; a discussion of the special tools needed to service these systems, how to remove the terminals from connectors and how to properly repair the wiring should it be damaged is found in this section.

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